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INTRODUCING: Mini Pal-ettes

Meant to be companions for the watercolorist who wants a maximum variety of pigments, while keeping to a small travel-sized container.
Mini Pal-ettes come in two variety, intended for use in tandem as pigment storage and mixing wells. They are each 78x10mm, made from porcelain, which creates a beautiful aesthetic for a daily artist utensil, as well as an smooth, ideal surface for mixing watercolor paints on.

The Mini Pal Color Wheel has 37 wells arranged in 6-segmented circular format, allowing for a wide array of customization of your personal pigment choices. The Color Wheel can be used on its own for simple compact storage of large variety of pigment, or in conjunction with the Mixer for a two-piece porcelain set.

The Mini Pal Mixer has 7 curved wells for use in diluting and mixing pigments while in use.

The Mini Pal-ette production will be funded via Kickstarter, starting in mid to late-May. If you're interested in being notified so that you can join and purchase one, please -sign up for the mailing list-. We are still in the rough stages of planning, but at this time, a tentative price for the the Mini Pal Color Wheel & Mini Pal Mixer will be $25.00 for each if purchased separately, or $45.00 for a pair-set.

The Palette Story (or, the origins of Mini Pal-ettes)

If you've not come across me before, I'm Stephanie Law. I'm a watercolor artist, and it's been my favorite medium for nearly two decades. I love to work in small, detailed, and intricate paintings, and my work spans from fantasy art, to scientifically accurate botanical art. I also love to take my paints with me when I travel, to do sketches while on the move, or sometimes to soak in what I've experienced during the day and sit at a desk far from home with my familiar paints and paper.

Palettes are the essence of watercolor-nerd-dom. Some of you might know/experience/understand this already. Some of you who are not painters, might have no idea what I'm talking about, but trust me on it. You get a bunch of watercolor painters together, and sooner or later, we'll start waxing poetic on our favorite brands and pigments and conversation will devolve into obscure jargon filled with minerals, mediums, and palettes.

Mini Pal-ettes have been in the making in some way or other for the past 15 years for me. I've been on a quest to find my perfect little watercolor partner, and over the years I've tried many things, and often felt like Goldilocks, saying "Too big! Too small! Too flimsy! Too rough!" Over many iterations however, I've inched ever closer to my ideal, and with the current incarnation, I think I've finally achieved the perfect little travel-sized palette that can be used when on the move, and for having a maximum number of pigments on hand when working on detailed paintings, as well as being an aesthetic little piece of porcelain in and of itself!

Here's the journey that I took to design these little palettes. The next step, #7, is taking this project to Kickstarter so that I can have ceramics fabricators manufacture these from porcelain directly, rather than through the very round-about and expensive method that is 3D printing. In so doing, I'll be able to bring the price point down on these palettes dramatically and be able to bring them to many other artists desks and travel packs!

If you're intrigued, or would be interested in having a Mini Pal-ette companion of your own, then stick around for the Kickstarter that will be starting in late-April.
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